Scavenger Hunt

I had my Shakespeare 4352 students do a research database scavenger hunt on the second day of class. Since I got so much help from Twitter, I’m sharing the questions here.

•Find a word in Shakespeare’s Sonnets that draws its etymology from each of (a) Latin, (b) Old French, and (c) Anglo-Saxon. (Three words! Not one.)
•Find a word in Shakespeare’s Sonnets that Samuel Johnson defines in his Dictionary.
•Find a 17th c. ballad about Titus Andronicus. If you’re first, start it playing in the classroom.
•Find images of costumes from productions of Titus Andronicus in at least three different centuries.
•One of Shakespeare’s sources for Titus Andronicus is book 6 of Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Find an English translation. Then, find the English translation Shakespeare would have used.
•What pages of the First Folio contain Titus Andronicus?
•Find a phrase from one of our sonnets for today in another early modern book. Get an image of that page.
•How far was the Clink from the location of Shakespeare’s Globe? Prove it by showing me an annotated map.
•Find images of Shakespeare productions on at least six continents. (I haven’t been able to find any from Antarctica yet.)
What about video?
•Find 3 productions of a single play on our syllabus directed by women. Heck, find three all-female productions of a play on our syllabus. Find three all-male ones.
•List 15 actresses who have played Lavinia.
• There’s an image on the back of this page. What does it represent? Why is it important?