Desire Is Pattern: Notes and Links

My talk at MLA riffs on ideas that were developed for my contribution to the forthcoming Arden Sonnets: State of Play volume, edited by Hannah Crawforth, Elizabeth Scott-Baumann, and Clare Whitehead. Here, I want to provide additional resources, links, and notes. I’d be glad to email the text of my talk to anyone who might find it useful.


The beautiful kaleidoscope images come from two artists’ collections on Flickr. With Crystal A Murray, start with this album. Jim Bumgardner combines other images into his beautiful fields; the one I used is “Mini Kaleids,” available in higher resolution here.


The poem with which I began is from Jen Bervin’s Nets (2014), from Ugly Duckling Press (web version).

Ross Goodwin wrote the Sonnetizer program as well as the collection of its output: Ten Thousand Sonnets.


Lyn Hejinian’s essay “The Rejection of Closure“, Eileen Joy’s “Weird Reading“, and Bruce Andrews’s “Electronic Poetics” are all available online.